Beginning in September 2022, Gelotto will release three series of NFTs. In addition to being a crypto asset (and amazing artwork), each NFT will provide a use or benefit to an NFT owner when using the Gelotto gaming platform. (See examples below.)

Additionally, owning one or more NFTs will give holders a unique, VIP-type experience when using the Gelotto platform. This experience and the benefits on the Gelotto platform will give investors a reason to acquire and HODL these NFTs.

About the Gelotto Shoppe Series

Gelotto's goal is to become a pillar of the Cosmos Community. In this spirit, we feel collaboration is important. Rather than design these series ourselves, we have decided to partner with NFT creators and artists in the Cosmos/IBC community to help support the greater ecosystem. Additionally, we believe that every contributor to the ecosystem brings a unique creative spark. This type of arrangement (establishing friendly relationships rather than hiring artists or teams and telling them what to do), allows these people to do their work and add their own creativity when bringing the Gelotto project to life.

Series 1: The OG

Gelotto Shoppe

1000 NFTs

Designed by @NotsNfts

900 to mint, 100 held for giveaways, prizes, etc.

$50 USD in STARS to be eligible for WL (capped at 150)

$100 USD in STARS for public mint

Expected Launch:
September 6th, 2022 on Stargaze

Series 2: The Follow-up


420 NFTs

Details in the works

Series 3: Final Collection


69 NFTs

Details in the works

Wallet Holdings for NFT Holders

1% of the potsize (shown below) will be allocated for NFT holders. You will be eligible to claim this in Q4/Q1.

Benefits of Owning Gelotto Shoppe NFTs

  • Bonus tickets for lottery-style games
  • Personalized profile features that evolve with the games. Examples include UX features such as a PFP, a banner, dark mode, or other custom settings. As Gelotto grows, this feature will grow with the platform. Eventually we hope to let NFT owners stream audio at the poker table (to converse or talk smack!), or select other NFTs besides our own for PFPs.
  • Each NFT series will receive a 1% allocation from the pot for Gelotto prize pools, divided among the number of NFTs in the series. Holders of multiple NFTs will receive this allocation for each NFT that is held. (See below.)
  • Access to community events including exclusive games, real-world meetings, parties, poker matches or other types of competitions (limited only by imagination and ingenuity). Holding an NFT will be the ticket to some of these events.
  • Rarer and more exclusive NFTs (such as the smaller series) may have different or additional uses (currently under discussion by the Gelotto team). For example, specific games or tournaments on the platform (or real-world events) may be exclusive to certain NFT series. Community input will also be considered for specific uses of smaller NFT series.

About that take:

  • This benefit will begin the day that mint begins.
  • The 1% take for NFT holders will be held in a public wallet and will be added to each time that a game ends. The NFT take will accumulate until Q4/Q1.
  • By Q4/Q1, NFT holders will be able to claim their share of the NFT take. Going forward, it is planned that NFT holders will be able to claim rewards at any time as they accrue, similar to staking rewards on many platforms.
  • The NFT take and the distributed rewards will include the same assets as the games from which the NFT take was acquired. (So an NFT holder may receive many types of assets when collecting rewards.)
  • NFT holders will need to connect their Keplr wallets to Gelotto’s NFT website to verify NFT ownership and claim rewards.